Partner for Life

14 Jun

By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

To enjoy the life and make it pleasant and comfortable, it needed a partner of life. Who has beautiful qualities and a confident in pains and pleasures and ups and downs of the life . When a man returns home worn out by routine work, and his wife receives him with a beautiful smile, all his perplexities and confusions suddenly go in the air and he feels freshness and a new power in him to tackle with the difficulties of the life . And on the other hand, if she ignore him and minds her work, and takes no notice whether her husband came or not? Then he feels distress and annoyance.

According to the teachings of Islam, both the spouses are a source of peace, and comfort to each others.

It is said that the pairs are settled in the Heaven. the Holy Prophet(PBUH) said that all of the souls were gathered in the world above the Heaven. And the souls who loved and recognized there each other, also will love together in this world, And the souls who did not love there, cannot love here and cannot create affection between them

It is oftenly observed that if the wife dies, the husband also dies after a short period soul gets separated, how can the second one alive?

It is said that the Mughul Emperor Shehab-ud-deen Shajahan loved much to her wife Mumtaz Mahal and went to the extant of endangering to her.

Once, he became angry with her and separated himself by her. After a few days his wife sent a message to the king that he should meet her. But the king took no notice. She sent a new message after a short period that,” please com in to see me, now it is the time, perhaps you could not see me again.” But the king ignored it at the second time. She died then the king felt deeply grief over it. He got built a mausoleum “TAJ MAHAL” (in India) in the memory of his love, that is a Master Piece of the architecture.

Marriag protects the man from immoralities and make him pious and piety. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) said that the marriage is the half faith.(Al-Mishkat)It also prohibits the manto use his sexual desire in the wrong way.

Almighty Allah Says in the Holy Qur’an,”And they who believe and whose seed follow them in faith, We cause their seed to join them(there), and We deprive them of naught of their (life’s) work. Every man is a pledge for that which he hath earned.”(The Mount:21)

It means that if a Muslim family pass the life according to the teachings of Islam in this world, then all the family members will be gathered in the paradise by the grace of God. And the wife of this world will be the queen of the “Hoors” (virgins of the Paradise).

So, if both the spouses and the family members want to meet in the Paradise again, they should act upon the teachings of Islam.


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