Disobedience of Parents

1 Jun

In these verses the rights of parents are mentioned. It means that one should make a good and nice behaviour to   his parents, and talk to them politely. In fact, parents have   great right over their children. Mother delivers her child by suffering pain and  and trouble. then she looks her after by  hard struggle. To milk and to protect her child from cold and heat. Mother bears all that and never say oh oh. And when her child becomes young, then there are some other issues for the parents, like seeking the life partners for their children, and make their future bright and to give them a sound  business etc. Parents pay their duty in the best manner. And when their children become  successful in  their lives, then it is their duty to serve their parents  in the best manner.

It is narrated that one day the Holy Prophet (PBUH) came in the mosque to offer Juma prayer. When he put one-step on the Mimber , it means the high chair sitting on it, the Imam delivers the Sermon. So, THP said AAmeen, a and when he put his second s step on it, he again said AAmeen, likewise, when he put the third sep on the mimber, he also said AAmeen. When the Juma prayer offered, the companions of the HP said to him that they saw a noteable thing that day, and then they told him about the incident. The HP replied that , “ when I put my first step on the highchair, then Hazrat Jibraeel A.S came  and prayed to God that one who found his parents in the old age  then he did not serve them and not made himself deserving for Paradise, he may be the unfortunate and wretched one, and I said Aameen over it. And when  I put second step on  it,  he again prayed that one who heard your  secret name and did not offer Drood  Sharif over you, he might also  be  the unfortunate and retched one, and I said AAmeen . And when I put  the third step on the it , he prayed for the third times that one who  found     the month of Ramadan and did not offer fasting in it , he may  be the unfortunate and wretched one ,Ana I said AAmeen over it. Notable thing in this hadees is that Hazrat Jibreel AS prayed for three times and the Holy Prophet(PBUH) offered Ameen over them, then what is the doubt in their ac acceptance?

The Hp said that ..there are three prayers that are acceptable surely  and there is no doubt in it. One of them is the prayers of parents, and second is the prayer of a passenger and the third is the prayer of oppressed one, who is treated wrongfully. As details, if one served his parents and pleased them and they gave him blessings as he might prosper or he might be live long etc, or in the other hand, if he teased them and made a harmful behavior, and they cursed him over it, then it would be also accepted.

It Is narrated that a man teased his mother much. When he was about to go out of his home, his mother cursed him as he might not returned home alive but his dead body might be received instead. His mother’s bad prayer accepted in no time. When he took bath in a canal, he drowned in it and his dead body  sent to home. And similarly, there was another man who was rude much to his mother.When the time of his death came, his soul did not take flight easily and he was in serious condition. It was the time of the HP . THP said   to his mother as to forgive her child; but she refused to do so. Then the HP ordered to the companions to gather from the tree so the man might be burnt alive into the fire. When his mother saw that, she forgave his son and he died easily.But the parent don’t cruse their children over a trifle but when they teased much then they do so. Usually they are ready to sacrifice over their lives for their seeds. History reveals that Mughul Emperor Zaheerudden Babar’s son namely Huumayon fell seriously ill and was about to die due to his illness. His father prayed to God for his health. He made seven circles around his bed and prayed to God that the illness of Humayun should embraces to Babar and Humayun becomes healthy. So, the pray accepted  and humayon became healthy by and by and Babar embraced death by and by. There are a many examples like this in the routine life. In short, the secret of success of anyone in this life a and also in the Hearafter lies in the service of his parents. So, it is necessary for us to serve our parents so that we may succeed forever


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